Monday, September 29, 2008

you are my face

hello our lovelies... i've been religiously listening to wilco for the past 48 hours, but i'm not worried.
the above photos are from the summer, which it's seemed like for the past few days, when all i want is rain. bring me chunky sweater and rain jacket weather. PLEASE! the below photos are from the past week.. before i dropped media (f)arts we had a photo contest to participate in. the theme was water, hence the drain/sink. my beautiful driveway/view in sepia tone.. mmm. bob dylan at the near end of october BREEZY I'M STOKED.
my life is so lovely right now, aside from the fact that i have been lacking in school work doing.. maybe i should get on that and stop reading rumi's lovely blog.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

things like love

this gives me chills
i want to dress up in loose wool grey sweaters, skin tight indigo jeans and thigh high flat black boots. its really impossible to portray who you are through words sometimes! i can only really say the definite things about myself with any certainty but most of myself is intangible and indefinite

i have more things to say that i'll say when they can come out in the right way


me and arienette and one of my favourite boys are seeing this lovely man in october

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


evidently i know how to take pictures
i hate you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

UK Harpers Bazaar via mixologies@lj (?)

happy busy

Saturday, September 20, 2008

it's 12 outside.

today, and the past few days, have been lovely. it's tights and pants, heavy socks and sweater weather. almost rainy, wear a hoodie just in case kind of days. i've been cuddling and drinking vanilla soy yerba matte lattes. yumorama. radiohead feels like rain to me.
radiohead- gagging order

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008


well well well...
it's a sunday morning. i just spent the past nine hours sleeping, so that must mean it's morning. time for an actual outfit post. now.. it isn't anything too exciting but at least i'm getting dressed.

hoodie; american apparel, tank; hanes mens, belt; taken from old roomates, skirt; mom's closet, old lady purse; value village. please excuse the wet hair!

my friend flower and i went on a little shopping trip and hit up value village and a store that sells american apparel, so needless to say i spent waaaaay too much money. maybe if it's necessary i'll make a post of all of it. i did in fact buy some new tights, which excites me greatly. i'm embracing my inner old lady, with this outfit, and the past shopping trip. although when i saw one of my friends on the ferry(ooh a hint of where breezy and i live) she decided i was becoming a hipster, which sent
another compadre of mine we ran into onto this long ramble of how i am different from a hipster in the following ways:
i don't wear headbands. i borrow from my past family members. i am far too cool to be a hipster.
needless to say, it was fairly interesting. do hipsters read nietzsche?
my name calling friend based her argument on a little article in adbusters magazine... the thing about this article is that it's completely biased and just... nevermind. i think this is a large enough post for one day. i was even going to add some music that i've been listening to lately, which includes the band morphine, a rad breakfast cook at work bought their cd like swimming for me, and modest mouse. among many, conor oberst plays a big part in my musical taste, although sometimes you need breaks. anyways, i'm off my pretties. hope you had a lovely time reading this novel by arienette.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

i love you

teen vogue: the new romantics


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

rad blog.
to do list:
clean room(done)
doctors appointment(done)
get medicine(done)
homework pick-up and do(apparently not)

now here's some lovely lyrics:
the arcade fire- wake up
bon iver- skinny love
wilco- either way
the virgins- fernando pando

home sicky

tracy reese, fall 2008
marc jacobs, spring 2008
erin fetherston, spring 2008
badgley mischka, fall 2008
I'm sure I'll write more, after doctors appointments and medication pick-ups. I know the erin fetherston and the marc jacobs show has since passed, but the clothing is just too gorgeous. I'm off to clean my room. love, arienette.