Saturday, January 31, 2009

o baby

yves saint laurent pre-fall 09
delicious. love the shoes on the last two, the shape of the cardigan on the third and just everything about all of them in general.


Friday, January 30, 2009

has anyone been?

(image from google)
Don't give up hope on yourself, no.
Just be patient about the fact that .... how things are unfolding.
Because ..... you're less ... why are you afraid to start?
I think you should go.
I think you should go.
You know, plan ahead, pack the things that you think you're gonna need,
And then just go.
Cassadaga might be just a premonition of a place you're going to visit.

what do you know about cassadaga? (i'm talking about the camp, not the album) i'm really interested. this has been something i've been thinking about for a while now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


tights and tunic mmmmm


getting bigger and sleeker and wider and brighter

11. dear prospective lovers: the way too my heart? long hair, artistic talent of the musical/visual/linguistic variety, and a mix cd with tom waits - i hope that i don't fall in love with you.

12. i can sum up the past year or so of my life in three songs: neutral milk hotel - song against sex, conor oberst and the mystic valley band - breezy and bob dylan - it ain't me, babe. not nessecarily their meanings (although a bit i guess), but just the memories they invoke and the feelings they bring up.

13. my favourite poem in the world:
since feeling is first
e.e. cummings

since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;
wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry
—the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

14. i've dabbled in a lot of arts. i used to paint when i was little, my grandfather (who is now dead) gave me a beautiful wooden case with a set of paints when i was about 7. i won some art contest and had a painting made into a postcard for the christmas craft fair. i painted the inside of a dollhouse my mom made when she was pregnant with me and made a ridiculous ammount of furniture for it out of bits and pieces of things (what up, milk creamer garbage can) i've been dancing since i was 5, stopped for two years, and started again this year. definitely happy to have started again. i was even in a musical in grade 8, ~hansel and gretel~ but i can't sing for shit and so idk why they gave me a lead. theatre feels like home though, more than i can explain.

15. i used to really, really love pink floyd.

16. alan shore makes me want to be a lawyer. james spader is a sexy bitch.

17. i used to kind of want to be alexis bledel in sin city

18. or anna paquin in almost famous
19. i tamed wild kittens when i was little and danced at community hall dances.

20. like every other teenage girl, i have trust issues. i'm a lot better than i used to be, though.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

numba two (only five)

hey guys, quick post just to do five more of my about me's(one). wooooordddddd. i also felt the need to add a mediocre picture of myself in the mix, taken while breezy was having bonding time with daddy.
11.) i am very rude, it's unreal. sometimes the things i say are terrible, and it's too late to take it back.

12.) i lie so much. honestly. it's ridiculous. the words coming out of my mouth aren't even remotely true. i have no idea where it all comes from.

13.) while i lie, mostly to those i don't trust, i am honest, and share things with those i love even if it's embarrassing. (i probably share a little bit too much at times to be perfectly honest, oh there i go again)

14.) doing this in smaller portions is going too fast.

15.) i used to play flute and guitar, but quit. it was fun, and i loved it a lotta lotta.

bye guys!! i'll do the rest soon xx ariririririririririririenetteeee




hello faithful readers! arienette and i had a nice summer reminisce day. it was snowing yesterday, and we're not wearing coats in these pictures. we ate summer food in the park and i fed birds and we are done our exams! yep. here is us doing what we do. i forced airy in front of the camera for a bit, so you can see both of us. but alas, she hates it, and i'm not as good with a camera. this is the a-frame hut near my house, its awesome.

loveliest love,
b & a

because i'm a copycat, pt. 1 1-10

i do everything arienette does basically. she's my muse~

1. i've had 3 or 4 concussions in my life. i fall headfirst/get hit in the head a lot. i'd like to say that this also applies in some metaphorical way where i'm really exciting and fearless but i'm not. i'm quite sedimentary and cowardly.

2. "i like myself, i like my face, i'm smart, i'm loud, i like to act" not my words but is dissapointingly true. i am incredibly self-absorbed and vain. i also interrupt people a lot, its a serious problem i'm trying to fix no joke. i only half-sarcastic.

3. i am so so awful at conversations when i don't know people. i'm either awkward as fuck and don't say anything or i'm really really fake and high pitched and squeaky wide-eyed. sometimes i get really ridiculously nice/happy to people i've never met before (like servers in a restaurant or something or on the phone)

4. i can talk for hours though if you're my friend. just as airy. my mouth likes to make sounds before my mind makes thoughts. i can type a lot too, in fragments, where you one sentence takes up about enter button presses. i blame it on my old friend LM who typed this way who i used to talk to alllll the time.

5. i get bored with life really easily. i do better when i have little projects with goals that i can reach and feel satisfied for about a day then move onto something new.

6. i'm not very good at goodbyes either. i hate things that are final and complete. i change my mind a lot, or at least i like the comfort of being able to change my mind.

7. i come from a family of hippies. compared to them, i am a square born-again christian republican (i'm not jsyk!!). its okay though, its my way of ~rebelling.

8. too much lemon juice gives me hives on my elbows and knees. who knows why. i'm also convinced i'm semi-allergic to aspratame.

9. i play a lot of tetris. this is a new development in my life.

10. up until very recently my desktop background was always a picture of space. right now its this picture that airy took.

10-20 coming to a blog near you!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tagged number one

i got tagged by like a million friends (and my mom) on facebook to share 25 things about myself(i'm sure you know a lot of these already, so i'll try to be original) . i actually really like making lists, so this should be fun. please do it if i tag you!!
1.) right now my room is messy and it's very hard to deal with. i usually clean it every sunday out of habit, but i didn't this weekend because i wanted to see if i could do it(obviously i could not). (one of my friends mocks my habit, and says things like "oh my god you are so messy, that is so bad")
2.) i love my cat a ridiculous amount.
3.) conor oberst is my main man. (no, really) but if this falls through i would also settle for jeremy piven (i'm aware that he's twenty seven years older than me(which is in fact older than my mother), but we have the same birthday OKAY?), gabe nevins in paranoid park (but only on certain angles and if he didn't talk) or, maybe just one of my friends (who will not be named but knows who he is. because we've talked about getting married before..)
4.) the above picture of mary-kate olsen is my favourite of her, i love that whole nylon shoot. i'm seriously one of her biggest fans EVER.
5.) i've decided against going to formal this year.
6.) i love photography with a wordless passion.
7.) biology is one of my favourite subjects, and i realized that this year while cutting open animals soaked in formaldahyde.
8.) the future scares me.
9.) shit is going down at my school right now.. intense shit.
10.) this is getting to be really long, so it's going to be small fonted and probably put into three parts... the third part will have the tagging.

love you all, sorry for the ridiculous amount of text, i know usually it's more picture oriented here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

just a little inspiration from our beautiful earth. all images are from national geographic. for the most part other than probably failing my math exam (but everyone feels that way right?), i'm pretty content with life right now. but something that bothers me is when people don't reply to texts though... i saw owen today, what a cool guy. i brought him some pizza (being in the middle school you can't leave campus during lunch) and hung out for a while. all i can say about that school is that bitches be hatin'. it was ridiculous. hope all of your days were good! xx love you all -arienette.

what is the exact value of co-secant 225 degrees?

what i'm wearing to factor and graph and complete the square. story time! i lost the pin to these sunglasses... so i fixed it with a safety pin. if such genius is any way of telling, i should be acing that math 11 exam. have to go meet a friend in about 40 minutes to study so i should be on my way.

wish me luck lovelies,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

dead hipsters

this is from halloween. arienette and our friend SC. i didn't have that great of a time, but everyone else did. see more polaroid stuff here. hope all of your weekends are going well! happy last day:) love arienette. (THIS IS NOT ME WITH BREEZY)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


this photo was taken last summer. same day as this. a few things about me:
  1. i think too much
  2. i wear a ring on the top of my left index finger
  3. often i don't get along with my only parent, my mother.
  4. i think i like dissections too much (possible career?)
  5. one of my closest is three years younger than me, while another is nearly ten years older than me.
  6. i'm terrified of presenting to my drama teacher the idea of the play i want to do for directing 12 (i've yet to find the play).
what about you? (breezy this includes you) -arienette.

Friday, January 23, 2009

lovely things

my life has been all going to shows and studying recently. arienette took this picture in a coffee shop while we waited to go to a music show with SC. i like how soft/creamy it is. like the london fog and apple pie i was eating! the shows are all over though, and i finish exams on tuesday and have a FIVE DAY WEEKEND. damn straight. madly excited for new classes/friends/experiences. now, onto things that aren't just about me: more pre-fall.
just cavalli
so trashy, but i love it anyways
matthew williamson
pretty dresses

all i feel like wearing is soft oversized button up shirts and black tights. must get said button up shirt.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

chocolate chip

hayy guys hay! sb and arienette live from DL block (the last day)! these pics of us together are from around two months ago. we haven't done much today other than steal our teachers candy and eat A LOT of cookies (chocolate chip to be exact). what do you guys do when slacking?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

yigal azrouël

sorry for the delayed post.. things have been insane, like breezy said. i've actually been doing homework like mad to pass the finals.. it's stressful to get your new classes, and end your old ones so i'm officially FREAKING OUT. haven't been sleeping, so i may be posting at odd hours of the night.


this was me on monday. on tuesday night it was even better. performance highs are better than anything, drunken dancing, storms on beaches, new leather boots, anything. i don't have much to say in this post... just i love you all? i thought you'd enjoy my zombie face?

questions! are any of you guys performers (dance, acting, music, whateva)? what do you do? tell me about it

life is kind of stressful right about now. exams and obligations and such.


Monday, January 19, 2009

legless love

today was not that interesting. here is what i did:
  • woke up after very little sleep (probably like.. 5 at most)
  • checked to see if texting was working
  • remembered that a friend and i are fighting (;-;)
  • got dressed, checked blogs, live journal.. etc.. caught bus to school
  • saw breezy very briefly (and gave her her present!)
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • found out we started with math instead of biology (;-;)
  • texting was working so i did that off and on all day with SB
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • fought with ex-friend
  • sent a friend a text that asked "where are my hunk nuts"
  • worked on a lame power point presentation
  • dissected the fuck out of a toad.. i will try to post the video, it's amazing
  • sad because it was the last dissection of the class
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • came home
  • discovered this designer (i think i'm in love)(i will do a post later tonight for those without lj)
  • don't hate my life as much as before..
talk to all of you later!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


i did a few diy headbands today. my cell isn't working as much as i would like it to.. texting isn't working and telus is not helping the matter...damn.

time code

its sunny out. channelling arienette in the photo of wound i have from a deadly baguette fight at work. its not that bad, as you can see, but it actually hurt. who knew bread was so feisty? i get to spend all day tomorrow in the theatre. mmmmmmmm