Thursday, November 20, 2008

look away if you have weak stomachs.

just another day, no big deal.
grabbing some dissection!a real fisheye lense
just some teenagers playing with dead things...
mmm baby. my biology class went on a field trip to a park where fish come to lay their eggs! we learn about salmon and their life cycle. the park had a stench of death, and it rained all day, but other than that it was a lovely trip. the worst of the photos aren't even on here, believe me. there is a spleen, heart, liver and gill one that was just lovely, but i thought i'd spare you.. my friends and i shot all these with my nikon d60. have a lovely day all! xx.
ps. i wore my mom's cardigan, a vintage slip, aa v-neck, hue tights, aa hoodie, old navy bag, chucks and work socks.