Sunday, January 11, 2009


i want to say faking fashion or foto decadent
hey guys, just a quick post to address a few things..
1.) b i seriously hope you are getting some sleep, cause if we both aren't we will kill each other.

2.) i am having an extra late christmas today with my aunt and mom!
3.) i would like to own these.
4.) my cat is cute.

5.) my mom does not know how to answer the phone apparently because it's been ringing off the hook...(insert be being annoyed here)
6.) true love will find you in the end.
6.) do you think unfocused/blurred/foggy photographs are meaningless? (i've heard things)(i am pro-blur/fog)
7.) there was two sixes.
edit: 8.) how fucking awesome are these? the answer is VERY.
have a good last day of the weekend people!!
another edit: i just watched the wackness, and if you haven't seen it WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. later i plan on watching paranoid park.