Monday, January 19, 2009

legless love

today was not that interesting. here is what i did:
  • woke up after very little sleep (probably like.. 5 at most)
  • checked to see if texting was working
  • remembered that a friend and i are fighting (;-;)
  • got dressed, checked blogs, live journal.. etc.. caught bus to school
  • saw breezy very briefly (and gave her her present!)
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • found out we started with math instead of biology (;-;)
  • texting was working so i did that off and on all day with SB
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • fought with ex-friend
  • sent a friend a text that asked "where are my hunk nuts"
  • worked on a lame power point presentation
  • dissected the fuck out of a toad.. i will try to post the video, it's amazing
  • sad because it was the last dissection of the class
  • almost smacked some bitches
  • came home
  • discovered this designer (i think i'm in love)(i will do a post later tonight for those without lj)
  • don't hate my life as much as before..
talk to all of you later!!