Tuesday, January 13, 2009

live from DL, it's arienette!

OHHAI GUYS! i am currently at school doing nothing, because there isn't much to do, other than biology homework. not a whole lot going on at them moment. people are being loud and noisy, and today i got called a homo while i was walking down the hallway. these stupid little skanks in grade nine. the next fucking time i run into those little bitches i will beat someone. i wish i could say that listening to a story about an abusive boyfriend freaking out at someone was enough, so i'm going to go. hopefully tonight will be better, today's been shit.
  1. i forgot my ipod
  2. my camera battery died
  3. i got pen on my face/teeth in biology
  4. got called a homo
  5. have not eaten a whole lot today OMGWAITIHAVESTRAWBERRYYOGURT
  6. i am fucking sick
  7. boys are too silly sometimes.
i might post later! love you all. -a