Friday, January 2, 2009

oh harley..

oh hai genuine leather thrift store find! what's that, you love me? i feel the same way.
(brand new skates, play 'til midnight, plum it, haunted, raven's wing)
what about some nail polish! (little OPI and a some sally hansen) sorry for the crappy quality of the above photos, i don't know what's wrong with me. after hitting up the drugstore with my mom (best thing in my opinion "hello bingo scratch and win lottery tickets") and getting hassled by a friend/not a friend at all("i have reason to believe this girl is shoplifting, miss can you get out of the store please" joking of course)... it is sure nice to lounge around all day (question: what have you been doing all the other times you make mid day posts while breezy actually has a life?), only a few more days of break left! (jsyk guys, the formal should be coming up soon, so i'm sure b and i will be posting what we're wearing at some point) make it last! xx