Thursday, January 8, 2009

the world is turning, i hope it don't turn away

i can honestly say today was one of the strangest days ever. i got two hours of sleep, and went to school to do a dissection (true story guys, i'm thinking of pursuing it as a career) of a sea star. i have been lately fighting a lot with a friend, and had been put off by what he recently said to me, so much that i had been reduced to tears out of hurt and frustration. b tried to help make me feel better, and she did, a bit. i guess lately (or did i mean nearly three years?) i've been in a funk and i've had a hard time getting out of it. i get teary from anything, and i take things too personally and i lie and i call people mean names and act dumb and i'm afraid i'm never going to change. and then on top of that, someone who left my life has entered it again, and i'm confused and worried. anyways, these are pictures of my day in no particular order, all unedited and raw. -crazy, bitchy, whiny, a.