Tuesday, February 3, 2009


21. i am changing every day. every day i could think of more things to write on lists like this, every month i could take things off this list when they don't apply to me anymore. such is the way of being a teenager, i guess.

22. the secret to my happiness: i always have something to look forward too. if its nothing exciting like... field trip i find something. theres always something (like double theatre blocks or its a good TV night) and if there isn't, i make something. for an instance, putting curlers in my hair. this sounds really, really shallow and superficial, but i am excited in the morning to wake up and see what it looks like. or i write on my friends fb walls so i get to look forward to their responses, silly things like that. eventually, i am just happy, and i look forward to continuing to be happy, and i am grateful for being happy, and it all fuels itself in a general state of well being. some people might think i'm not "savouring" my time by always looking forward but... if i am happy how am i not savouring my time? (it should be noted though, nothing tragic has ever really happened to me while i was old enough to understand the impact of it. this probably has a lot to do with it)

23. i wish i could personally give every musician that i steal music from via the internet money.

24. me and my dad bond over the l word, lost, boston legal and hockey games.

25. i don't find it that hard to write about myself. a lot of people do, but i find it theraputic.

love you all,