Thursday, February 19, 2009

the return!

i am posting this via my MACBOOK!!! at my friend's sister's apartment. i am leaving beautiful vancity tomorrow night (sad) and returning back to my humble abode (happy) and to you, faithful readers (who am i kidding, you all read for arienette anyways)! vancouver has been like this:
-eat sushi
-learn learn learn learn learn
-meet two people from the cast of dead like me!!
-hang out outside the art gallery
-talk to buskers. leave a note for one of them. plan on getting note dude's name so i can keep track of him for when he gets famous.
-spend far too much time walking around enjoying the sunshine.
-shop (pics on saturday when i get home)

not having my macbook has been like this:
-smash my head against desk

i don't really want to come home. but can't vacation forever! i am happy to be returning to you, heartbreak stroll and its readers.
love love love
easy breezy