Tuesday, November 4, 2008

franny, you're human too.

well i guess if breezy did it i should too... man, if i used that as my motto life would be a whole lot more... hyper. my name is arienette, no it isn't my given, or some people call me 'the girl whose boobs fall out of her shirt all the time'. i really wish i was interesting, i really do.. the truth is, i'm not. i very rarely go out to parties, and i hardly ever do school work. i guess you could say i'm a regular holden caulfield. music is seriously one of the most important things to me. i'm mean and sad and stupid and rude and on the occasion charming/nice, plus i take too many mental health days. people don't expect me to be nice, but i usually am when i'm tired. i tend to get stressed out over the simplest of things. i cry and scream and then i'm normal again. i don't usually talk to a lot of people and i only really pretend to listen because, well, i hate my school and the people there. i wish i had a song written about me other than a stupid rap or one taken out of a phone conversation. i guess just want someone to love me.
location: bc, canada
M-U-S-I-C: conor oberst/bright eyes, jim james/my morning jacket, m. ward, beck, SMASHING PUMPKINS, wilco, radiohead, the velvet underground, bob dylan. those are my painful favourites, the ones i nearly cry to when i listen. i occasionally listen to rap too.. i have such a twisted taste of music.
oh, my social life disappears when i devour a good book: the catcher in the rye, raise high the roof beams, carpenters, seymour an introduction (basically all salinger), franny and zooey, creature(although that's more of pictures), shakespeare, nietzsche.
my life consists of: skipping school for hot chocolates on dreary mornings, photography, fashion of sorts, reading. music is lovely. i like work on slow days, the ones where i get to do absolutely nothing and still get paid. i enjoy the people i work with. swinging under the stars on a drunken canada day. fireworks and not fighting. pyschology class. cynical people. sexist jokes(mm. here's one: woman's rights!). not being recognizable. seeing a significant other after a long time of being apart(or just reunions in general). cute crushes. bailey's in the ol coffee.. what? various beverages. stupid three second conversations, although at the same time i hate those. i long to be accepted and loved by everyone, and at the same time wish everyone would just leave me alone so i can zone out and read.
they said it best
akron/family- franny/you're human
atmosphere- always coming back home to you
smashing pumpkins- ugly
smashing pumpkins- mellon collie and the infinite sadness
m. ward- undertaker
my morning jacket- nashville to kentucky
xoxo -a.