Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hay bb hay

a-baby tagged me so here we go
1. i can't leave the house if my bed isn't made. honestly. or at least, i need to know it will be made.
2. i love cold cut turkey so so much om nom nom
3. i spent way too much on christmas presents this year. but thats okay, because they're presentsss
4. sometime in the near future, i plan on spending over 160$ to get these bad boys.
this is the most i'll have ever spent on an article of clothing. my two pairs of boots that i wear all the time both cost under 5$.
5. my obsession with neutral milk hotel scares me a 'lil sometimes.
7. i wear 6 rings, i plan on making this 8 before january is out.

today i bought a grey button up (pictured above!), 7 pairs of underwear (30$!!!), foundation (ILU MAC) and a nice silky thing for new years