Tuesday, December 23, 2008

snowed in

well the title says it all.
when i get bored i tend to take uninteresting/somewhat embarrassing crappy quality photos of myself and my silly cat. i haven't done much in the past... oh i don't know, five days? so i thought i'd make this a text heavy post. aside from watching seinfeld and csi, all i've really been doing is taking pictures (seriously guys, flickr me) of the snow and my feline, further testing out my camera's settings.. before all of this madness we call snow happened, we were SUPPOSED to have a senior formal (finally something to look forward to schoolwise other than the awards ceremony that signals the end of the year), alas, god had other plans for us nicely dressed folk. now it is postponed and my formal date thinks he's a hipster (hey, you're not). and i thought i'd do an old tag(from the lovely andy).. seven random things about me:
1.) i love love love conor oberst/bright eyes. a ridiculous amount. marry me?
2.) i dress like an old woman, and shop in the old woman's section in thrift stores.
3.) i am ridiculously ungraceful, and this tends to put me into embarrassing situations.
4.) i'm not cool. i sit at home and read, i don't like going out. i watch star trek and eat my vegetables. i also stay up late playing solitaire.
5.) you know those people that are brutally honest, to the point that it's just rude? hi.
6.) i don't much like wearing colour.
7.) people annoy me. i don't like large amounts of people in one place, and i don't like loud noises caused by people. but i love all of you.
and a bonus answer: is it wrong to love my cat as much as i do?
i tag breezy. (like i don't know what all of yours will be about, fool) and anyone else!
i would also like to know a few things: how did you find out about heartbreak stroll, and do you have any suggestions on improvements and such?
merry christmas/holidays everyone. xx -a