Wednesday, January 28, 2009

because i'm a copycat, pt. 1 1-10

i do everything arienette does basically. she's my muse~

1. i've had 3 or 4 concussions in my life. i fall headfirst/get hit in the head a lot. i'd like to say that this also applies in some metaphorical way where i'm really exciting and fearless but i'm not. i'm quite sedimentary and cowardly.

2. "i like myself, i like my face, i'm smart, i'm loud, i like to act" not my words but is dissapointingly true. i am incredibly self-absorbed and vain. i also interrupt people a lot, its a serious problem i'm trying to fix no joke. i only half-sarcastic.

3. i am so so awful at conversations when i don't know people. i'm either awkward as fuck and don't say anything or i'm really really fake and high pitched and squeaky wide-eyed. sometimes i get really ridiculously nice/happy to people i've never met before (like servers in a restaurant or something or on the phone)

4. i can talk for hours though if you're my friend. just as airy. my mouth likes to make sounds before my mind makes thoughts. i can type a lot too, in fragments, where you one sentence takes up about enter button presses. i blame it on my old friend LM who typed this way who i used to talk to alllll the time.

5. i get bored with life really easily. i do better when i have little projects with goals that i can reach and feel satisfied for about a day then move onto something new.

6. i'm not very good at goodbyes either. i hate things that are final and complete. i change my mind a lot, or at least i like the comfort of being able to change my mind.

7. i come from a family of hippies. compared to them, i am a square born-again christian republican (i'm not jsyk!!). its okay though, its my way of ~rebelling.

8. too much lemon juice gives me hives on my elbows and knees. who knows why. i'm also convinced i'm semi-allergic to aspratame.

9. i play a lot of tetris. this is a new development in my life.

10. up until very recently my desktop background was always a picture of space. right now its this picture that airy took.

10-20 coming to a blog near you!