Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tagged number one

i got tagged by like a million friends (and my mom) on facebook to share 25 things about myself(i'm sure you know a lot of these already, so i'll try to be original) . i actually really like making lists, so this should be fun. please do it if i tag you!!
1.) right now my room is messy and it's very hard to deal with. i usually clean it every sunday out of habit, but i didn't this weekend because i wanted to see if i could do it(obviously i could not). (one of my friends mocks my habit, and says things like "oh my god you are so messy, that is so bad")
2.) i love my cat a ridiculous amount.
3.) conor oberst is my main man. (no, really) but if this falls through i would also settle for jeremy piven (i'm aware that he's twenty seven years older than me(which is in fact older than my mother), but we have the same birthday OKAY?), gabe nevins in paranoid park (but only on certain angles and if he didn't talk) or, maybe just one of my friends (who will not be named but knows who he is. because we've talked about getting married before..)
4.) the above picture of mary-kate olsen is my favourite of her, i love that whole nylon shoot. i'm seriously one of her biggest fans EVER.
5.) i've decided against going to formal this year.
6.) i love photography with a wordless passion.
7.) biology is one of my favourite subjects, and i realized that this year while cutting open animals soaked in formaldahyde.
8.) the future scares me.
9.) shit is going down at my school right now.. intense shit.
10.) this is getting to be really long, so it's going to be small fonted and probably put into three parts... the third part will have the tagging.

love you all, sorry for the ridiculous amount of text, i know usually it's more picture oriented here.