Sunday, January 18, 2009

happiness is a warm gun

i love going out at getting home at 12:30. we had a little mini surprise party for my coworker who is going on vacation, and it was all loveliness and fun. i just like not being at home and not doing the same old things! this brings me to being stoked for february, a whole 4 days being in vancouver learning ~acting for film and television~ mmmmmmmmm
i can taste the independence now
that and sun chips

things i've been listening to recently (no links, if you're really curious ask and i'll upload)
my bloody valentine
the beatles - happiness is a warm gun
leonard cohen - hey, thats no way to say goodbye
the animal collective - grass
neutral milk hotel - ferris wheel on fire

i started everything is illuminated. its pretty funny in parts!
"Your train ride appeased you?" I asked. "Oh, God," he said, "twenty-six hours, fucking unbelievable." This girl Unbelievable must be very majestic, I thought.
happy b