Sunday, January 18, 2009

where did you sleep last night?

forest family
i recently (and by recently i mean yesterday) started reading extremely loud and incredibly close. it's been making me think a lot. today is a kind of lazy day (then what was friday a!? answer: do a whole power point presentation to start and finish a class in two weeks, obviously.).. although i would prefer it not to be. my cell doesn't get reception at my house (WHAT A DOWNER) and my room needs cleaning. there's another project to do for that class that needs to be completed.. (i chose models and fashion, so i can still read blogs and say that i'm doing my work) i'll post again later! xx by the way, has anyone else been having extremely strange dreams? or is it just me? edit: i add photos to my flickr (link is to the right) almost every day, except for the next two weeks. i just added a bunch from my memory card, taken yesterday before i took it in.