Friday, February 27, 2009


hey guys, airy had the fabulous idea of interviewing eachother to spice things up around here, so here is my part one of three of interviewing her. enjoy :)

what is your favourite time of day to take pictures and why?
arienette: hm.. that's really hard to answer because in the mornings everything is so clean and calm, along with the sunrise. midday is nice because if it's rainy or sunny you can capture it because it's the brightest. and then there's the late night party pictures yo.

what is the last thing you think about before you fall asleep?
arienette: usually the day that just happened. if something's bothering me, like a fight with someone or something straight up amazing happened i'll think about it and analyze it (if i'm in a fight i'll think about how to make it better). sometimes i'll go through my day and think about what would have happened if i had done things differently. or if its been a bad day i'll tell myself things will get better. i'm up late thinking a lot.

what is your favourite memory with me?
arienette: oh god. one of my favorites is when we lost padraic in vancouver and just that whole time there. seriously one of the highlights of my summer. but really i just love it when we hang out and don't really have to say anything. twilight was fun too.. or not lol.

if you could eliminate anything, or any person from your life, who or what would it be?
arienette: i think you know the certain people who i would elimiate from my life, but fuck you for this breezy. this is too hard of a question.

where do you want to be 5 years from now?

arienette: ideally i would be in med school, done pre-med. i really want to be in victoria actually. just being out of where we live would make me happy.

part 2. coming soon!