Sunday, March 1, 2009

arienette, part 2

what inspires you?
anything. feeling sad, feeling happy. my cat, my friends, you (frankly i don't count you as a friend), the way the sun sets, the way the moon falls. the ripple of a wave on the ocean. the pop of a bubble in slow motion. the cello and violin, piano too. watching grey's anatomy. people on the street. people walking their dogs. music. people in general, i want to know brains. moon light. kids and how they aren't afraid of anything. camille, betsey, dapper kid, i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am when i see they've posted. books, literature, poems, letters, photography i see anywhere. our acting teacher. street style, old women. is that enough?

sum yourself up in three words ok go!
wordmaster photogsarcasm dreamcatcher.

when are you happiest?
when i give people goosebumps and can make them smile. when i figure out a tough math problem. when my cat is affectionate, when i can hear bright eyes, modest mouse, radiohead, belle and sebastian, jason pierce/spiritualized/spaceman 3, tv on the radio (to name a few). rpattz/twilight gif parties on ontd (i'm not even joking). biology class last semester. summer time, when i don't have to worry about ridiculous amounts of history and law homework. i like this.

what comforts you?
see above. it also comforts me hearing the rain on my skylight, like right now.

why blogging?

i don't know, why the fuck am i doing this breezy?