Monday, March 2, 2009

breezy part deux

what hurts you to think about?
growing old. not being excited about anything. people i love being sad, stray cats without any homes, and the thought of my niece experiencing the bad things in life.

latest obsession?

the microphones - my roots are strong and deep, bright eyes - southern state, my lark & wolff mens button up and thinking about sunshine warmth. i'm like a week away from a spring clothes post.

favorite blogs?
silver wings, childhood flames, lulu and your mom and stockholm street style.

color and why:
pale yellow because it reminds me of everything good about my childhood. dark green because it looks natural and still classy. grey because it is neither here nor there.

what's on your mind right now?
the weird lump in my ear lobe, the actual colour of my cat's fur, how badly i want to see conor oberst live and wondering what happens next in the bell jar.