Thursday, March 5, 2009

breezy threezy

if you were an animal what would you be?
i would be a cat but because you are not allowing me to say that... a little yellow bird. when i was a kid i had a bird named yellow. there's those lines in we are nowhere and it's now and the nmh song little birds that doesn't mention yellow but birds all the same. i want to fly an irrational amount and i pick at my food like birds do sometimes.

QUICK YOUR COMPLEX IS BURNING! WHAT DO YOU GRAB BEFORE LEAVING (other than a cat or a mac book or a nikon d40, those have been saved)?
my jeff mangum painting, this volkswagon van jerry garcia print my dad has, that photo of our feet on my wall, the quilt my mom made me and my aldo boots.

how do YOU feel about younger bloggers?
i don't know. i personally find it a little weird when they wear clothes that don't fit them BUT i was 13 only three years ago and definitely still involved with the internet so i can't judge.

describe what summer 09 will bring~ and what it means to you.
summer 09 will bring a tan, paychecks, hopefully partying, swimming in the ocean with german, naps in the sun, white denim short shorts, mountain lake and gator rides, smoothies, asshole tourists and mini donuts, ginseng and warm sun blowing hair across my face. photo shoots and new mocassins and freedom. it is my last school summer which freaks me the fuck out but i think it will be very fun.

a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are on your wall, and what does it say?
i have lots of pictures of teen vogue, nylon, z!nk, juxtapoz, a bob dylan poster, an alphonse mucha poster, quotes i wrote down from my favourite books, songs, poems, and pictures from two seperate disposable cameras. theres the picture of our feet that sums up everything about last summer; restlessness sunshine dust and happiness. theres the picture of SC, CB and i under the wish tree at uvic from the field trip that was easily the most happiness i've ever had crammed into two or three days and a picture of me on the ferry to vancity in the summertime. theres a drawing by brain twin, a note from a friend, photobooth picture strips, skytrain passes, and a salvador dali swans reflecting elephants poster. there is also a poster from the walls of troy that i was going to get signed by everybody but never got the chance. the walls of my room are the maps of my brain, except for the absence of math.