Tuesday, March 3, 2009

arienette, part 3

What most excites you about spring coming?
it's closer to summer which means freedom. which means fun. which means possible mistakes but inevitable new memories. i like memories. i'm also excited about having bare legs. YEE.

What do you hope people get from our blog?
our perspectives, a different look on things, inspiration, anything. take from it what you want, i just want you to get something from our constant babble.

If you could listen to one musical artist/group for the rest of your life, who would it be?
GUH. impossible to answer. i suppose conor oberst because i love him unconditionally. even when he's screaming and crying and bitching and swearing (actually that's when i love him most).

What do you think about all the pre-teen fashion bloggers (like, under 14)?
they're a lot more mature than i was at 12-13, i'll give them that much. no, lol i love tavi and the stylish wanderer, and all the others. when i was that age all i could think about was OMG WT (my then major crush).

Last question... so it is a hard one. What is one material object in your life that you cherish above all others (laptop, cats and ipods not included)?

my rings, or one certain one that my dad gave me. my seagull necklace that was my grandfather's. my book collection is also really important to me.