Wednesday, January 28, 2009

numba two (only five)

hey guys, quick post just to do five more of my about me's(one). wooooordddddd. i also felt the need to add a mediocre picture of myself in the mix, taken while breezy was having bonding time with daddy.
11.) i am very rude, it's unreal. sometimes the things i say are terrible, and it's too late to take it back.

12.) i lie so much. honestly. it's ridiculous. the words coming out of my mouth aren't even remotely true. i have no idea where it all comes from.

13.) while i lie, mostly to those i don't trust, i am honest, and share things with those i love even if it's embarrassing. (i probably share a little bit too much at times to be perfectly honest, oh there i go again)

14.) doing this in smaller portions is going too fast.

15.) i used to play flute and guitar, but quit. it was fun, and i loved it a lotta lotta.

bye guys!! i'll do the rest soon xx ariririririririririririenetteeee